Tonal Research 
& Performance
1999 - ongoing

Temporäre Räume - verspannt zwischen Klang und Licht - gehorchen ähnlichen Gesetzmäßigkeiten wie Objekte physischer Natur: Form, Kontext und Timing.

Situationen, Stimmungen und Energien aus dem Club lassen sich kaum auf einer Website abbilden, weshalb hier nur eine kleine Auswahl an Ambient-lastigen und organischen musikalischen Collagen, jedoch kein Dancefloor-Material gezeigt wird.


Music For Post Festival Meditation at springfestival.

A floaty ambient tape recorded for consumation during or after Elevate Festival.

Healing Music for the disko404 Podcast.

From World Music to Disco, Techno to Kraut Rock - a tape for my friends at Atropa.

to be continued ...


Florian Puschmann is a DJ and tonal researcher from Vienna. Aiming to push the boundaries of danceability to the deeper side, and playing stripped down raw, dark and straightforward material on the other, he is always searching for the perfect timing, trying to engineer that particular moment on the dancefloor.

For more than 20 years he has been constantly expanding his vast record collection towards new musical horizons, and enjoying the process of re-contextualizing his existing stock of records. From Ambient and Dub to Kraut, African music to 90ies House, Ghetto and contemporary Techno, Puschmann has been playing in clubs all over Austria and parts of Europe.


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Fotografie: Marlon Fink︎︎︎,  Stefan Lind︎︎︎

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